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My Menan Idaho . com is born

posted Jul 5, 2010, 4:48 PM by Tad Haight   [ updated Jul 18, 2010, 7:31 PM ]

AP: Jefferson County, Idaho.

Early in July of 2010, the bustling community of Menan Idaho launched its first unofficial web site.

Tad Haight, a member of the Greater Menan Community, is sponsoring the site which he hopes will be a fun place to go to see some of the goings on in Menan.  

"We think that Menan is a great community to live in and we hope to get people from all over of the city to share everything from calendar items, to recipes, to their opinions about issues that affect our community."
"I also hope to create a place where people who have lived here and moved on will be able to follow what's happening in their old home town."
"We have linked the site to a number of other websites, some of local interest, and we are attaching copies of the Greater Menan Community Newsletter.  This newsletter is the creation of a diverse group of people that make up the Greater Menan Community Group.  They hope to start a non-profit group to apply for grants and use the funds for projects that  will improve the quality of life in the community." 

"The design is meant to be fun and casual so lots of people will participate."

"You will have the ability to add comments or attach photos to many of the items you will see.  Nearly every page has an Attachments link and Comments link as well."

The website can be found at:  www.mymenanidaho.com  and comments can be sent to alliumguy@mymenanidaho.com

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